1. What will working with you cost?

We are flexible. We work with each business to best accommodate their budget and goals. Whether you need a small project or monthly assistance, we will determine what is best for your business. We will help steer you to what marketing will give you the most bang for your buck. And don't forget, we do a free audit- no obligation!

2. Why hire a marketing agency?

Marketing takes time, expertise and detail. Many business owners don't have time to manage marketing by themselves. Not all businesses need a full-time marketing employee so hiring an agency can make a lot of sense. Marketing truly is an art and needs to be done right. Great marketing pays for itself. If your marketing isn't bringing in more revenue than it costs or if you don't know how your marketing is performing, you may want to consider hiring a marketing agency. And we can help! :)

3. What is the difference between a small and large marketing agency?

Large marketing agencies can be awesome, but they can be expensive. This is because they have a lot of overhead. Smaller agencies don't have the extra headcount and middle management that inflate costs. Many large agencies will assign you an account manager and that is your only contact with the entire team. Keep in mind, at larger agencies, there is usually a rotating door of junior designers, interns, media managers and others that handle your work. As they come and go, your work gets bounced around internally.  

At Point A to Bee, we ensure all our team members get an opportunity to understand you and your business. We want you to directly relay your ideas to our designers and other members so that we are efficient and keep costs low. No middle man here. 

4. What should I ask when hiring a marketing agency?


No matter who you hire, there are a few key things to ask upfront. And remember, working with an agency or consultant can be a long-term relationship- so make sure your personalities mesh! Marketing takes collaboration so a good working relationship is paramount. 

  • What is the cost structure? Retainer, project

  • How many reviews do I get with a project?

  • What is the cost if a project goes over the estimated amount?

  • How many clients are you currently working with?

  • Will you charge me for discovery?

  • Am I charged for phone calls or questions related to my project?

  • What are your core capabilities? What does your agency excel at?

  • What industries do you service?

  • Will you outsource my work or is it done in-house?

  • What reporting will I receive?