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10 Point Marketing Checklist

Assess your marketing with this checklist and tips!

1. Website

Your website is often times the first impression for your customers. 75% of customers judge a company’s credibility based on their website design (Stanford Study). This is a big deal! Most consumers begin their search online when looking for a business or product- if you are spending marketing dollars for consumers to find you and they land on your website but it doesn’t impress, that is unfortunately a waste of money and a hard earned lead. Websites can be expensive, but they are worth the investment. A few must-haves for a website:

· Responsive design

· Optimized for SEO

· Follows web design best practices

· Offers accessibility for disabled users

· Scannable, easy to digest content

· Visually pleasing

2. Google My Business

There are several reasons having a Google Business Listing is important! We’ve all heard of the ever-changing Google algorithm and how it pertains to search rankings- we may not know the exact formula, but having a Google Business listing definitely has an impact. Plus it helps users find your business quickly and easily when searching online, particularly for local listings. Be sure to add photos, menus, hours of operations and other key information. Google My Business also offers the ability to add promotions and special call-outs. Setting up a Google listing is very easy, but make sure you review and check it regularly for accuracy. And don’t stop with Google Listings, list on Yelp, TripAdvisor or other platforms too. And lastly, do whatever you can to grow your reviews!

3. Email Communication

The customer journey for each business is different and unique, some products and services have long customer journeys, and others see quick, impulse purchases. But in either case, building a database of customers and potential customers is a great way to engage with your customers, keep them informed and warm them up for new and repeat purchases. A few things to keep in mind with emails:

· Establish a cadence for your emails: Delivering a consistent email schedule will help keep your database engaged

· A/B Test: Test content, layouts, time of day and days of week to optimize engagement

· Consider setting up automated email campaigns for welcome emails, birthdays, anniversaries

· Include strong call to actions

4. Social Media

People are spending more time online in 2020 versus 2019- 7 minutes longer to be exact (Business Insider). And much of that time is spent browsing social media feeds. Social media marketing takes time… finding the right content, photography and hashtags can take hours each day. Creating a content strategy will pay dividends and don’t forget to share images from your fans! Search for user generated content (UGC) and repost! A few tips:

· Just like email, establish a cadence for postings. The most common is 2-3 times per week.

· Research hashtags and utilize

· Be active! Like and comment on other’s posts. This will encourage fan growth and will increase your posts exposure. Just like Google, Instagram has an algorithm too, not all posts are created equal!

· Determine which social channels make sense for your business and optimize those first

5. Review your Data

Do you know who your customers are and where they come from? A quick review on Google Analytics can tell you an enormous amount about your business. Other great sources of data: surveys, social media, and transactions. When you know your audience, you can find similar audiences which translates to increased sales! And remember, your brand identity, voice and content should be curated specifically for your target audience.

6. Revisit your Mission Statement

Is your mission statement still valid? What are your key selling points? Are your key selling points front and center in your marketing? Make sure potential customers know why you are different than the competition and why they should transact with you.

7. Create Content

We’ve all heard the phrase, “content is king.” Content is extremely important- content tells a story, drives traffic, gets shared on social media and improves your SEO. Content can include visual imagery, blogs, infographics, videos, webinars, podcasts, FAQs and more. Content creation takes effort but the payoff is big! According to HubSpot, video is the most common form of content creation in 2020, shifting from blogs and infographics. A few tips for content:

· Create a calendar and map out content ideas, align to holidays and events

· Outline targeted keywords and topics associated with each piece of content

· Do research- dive into keyword ranking reports, look at your competition, see what consumers are asking about on social

8. What is your call to action?

Your goal is to have customers purchase your product right? Is it easy and simple for customers to transact with you? Do you have a consistent call to action on each landing page? Can they find your contact information? Do you respond to inquiries quickly? Is your URL on your social media accounts?

9. Partnerships

Partnerships can do wonders for a business. Finding complementary businesses and services where you can cross-market can double your impressions in one advertisement. A few partnership ideas:

· Reciprocate posts on social media. Tag and mention each other in a social media post and rave about the services offered

· Partner on a sweepstakes and share across your channels. Each business can contribute a prize

· Feature each business in your email communication

· List each other’s services on your websites

· Use each other’s businesses to provide a referral program or promotional offer. For example, “Buy product X, get a 10% savings on product Y”

10. Showcase you!

Consumers like to transact with businesses they believe in and trust. Consumers also love a good story. Who are you and your employees? Tell them about yourself! Social media is a great place to do this as well as an “About Us” page on your website. Have fun and show your personality! A few ideas:

· Once a month, spotlight an employee

· Share editorial picks or favorite products/services of your store

· Share your pet photos

How many items did your current marketing check off? Need marketing help? We are here!

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