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Lead Generation Basics

"You are out of business if you don't have a prospect." -Zig Zagler

lead generation graphic of people entering funnel into piggy bank
Lead Generation Fills the Piggy Bank!

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the act of acquiring potential new customers for the purpose of a sales conversion.

How do I start?

Determining your goal for lead generation is paramount. It most likely is centered around acquiring a new customer and generating revenue- but why are you going to obtain that lead? Is it to grow your email database? Social media following? Establish a referral program? Determining your goal is key in order to be successful. What gets measured, gets accomplished... without a measurable goal, you won't know if you hit your goal.

Which channel should I use to source leads?

This can be the hardest part. Where do your potential leads exist? Each business needs to examine how and where they do business. It is in person? Online? Is this B2B or B2C? Here are a few examples of where you may source leads:

  • Email Opt-Ins

  • Referral Programs

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Social Media Followers

  • Paid Search

  • Content Marketing

  • Trade Shows

  • Website visits

  • Webinars

  • SEO

Keep in mind, the best lead generation strategies involve multiple channels. But there is nothing wrong with starting small and expanding as you learn more about your leads. Each channel has a different cost and expense, so understanding your budget will be very important when determining which and how many channels you can utilize.

Create Compelling Marketing

You have decided what you want to do and where, but now it is time to actually make it happen. This is the fun part! Writing compelling copy is what is going to attract leads. Tease them, make them laugh, pull at their heart strings- whatever tactic you choose- it needs to make them act! The creative developed will be dependent on what channels you are using to find leads, but here are a few of my favorite words and phrases to use in lead generation marketing:

  • Members-Only

  • Become a Beta-User

  • Request an Invitation

  • Gain Access to our Limited Edition

  • Secret

  • Want to be first to get access?

  • YOU

  • Exclusive

Lastly, have a clear call to action (CTA)!!! Never, ever, ever create an ad that doesn't provide an action for the reader. CTAs can be a web address, phone number, link, etc. A few other important notes:

  1. Keep your lead generation form simple. You will gain more leads if you only ask for a minimum amount of information. Better yet, allow them to sign up using their social accounts.

  2. Make sure you have clear terms and conditions posted with your lead form if applicable.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

Good marketing is never done, particularly with lead generation. Once you start acquiring leads, you will want to review your data and analytics to see how it is performing. Running A/B tests on your channels is always recommended. This way you can see which words resonate more with readers or if particular images, web pages or other adjustments can make a difference in how many leads you are receiving.

Nurture & Develop

You worked hard and probably invested precious dollars to acquire your leads- so don't let them just sit there! Nurture and develop your new database.

Decide how often you will communicate with your leadbase. Establishing a frequency and cadence keeps the user engaged with your business. If you send communication only once a year, they most likely have forgotten about you have moved on.

Other Tips:

  • Send them a welcome email immediately after acquisition. Let them know you are thankful.

  • Ask them to follow you on social media. You never know if a prospect will engage more on email or social media, so double down on your new prospect.

Final Thoughts

Remember, lead generation is about establishing a long-term relationship. Leads should convert to customers and then referrals, and then repeat customers.

Shameless plug....lead generation takes time and effort. We know you are already really busy- so don't forget Point A to Bee can help!

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